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[21:50] Pokemon episode 95 A Shipful Of Shivers
Details: *A Shipful Of Shivers* Season 2-Orange Islands ! have fun! english dub episode!
English? > MegaVideo
[21:53] Pokemon - 95
Details: Pokemon
3. Short > English > Youtube
Pokemon Emerald Episode 95 The Golems of Ice, Rock and Steel
Duration: 9 minutes 43 seconds
Likes: 0 Dislikes: 0
Details: In this episode Adam goes after the 3 Regi's Adam's Current Team Sceptile Lv.77 Linoone Lv.76 Ludicolo Lv.76 Pelipper Lv.76 Numel Lv.24 Slugma Lv.15
Tags: adamevans10, Pokemon, Emerald, Episode, 95, The, Golems, of, Ice, Rock, and, Steel
Adventures of the Pokemon Episode 95 Part I
Duration: 5 minutes 20 seconds
Likes: 0 Dislikes: 0
Details: ep 95 part I
Tags: pokemon, adventures, eevee2espeon, breeze
Adventures of the Pokemon Episode 95 Part IV
Duration: 5 minutes 23 seconds
Likes: 0 Dislikes: 0
Details: ep 95 part IV
Tags: pokemon, adventures, eevee2espeon, breeze
Adventures of the Pokemon Episode 95 Part III
Duration: 6 minutes 47 seconds
Likes: 0 Dislikes: 0
Details: ep 95 part III
Tags: pokemon, adventures, eevee2espeon, breeze
Adventures of the Pokemon Episode 95 Part II
Duration: 6 minutes 42 seconds
Likes: 0 Dislikes: 0
Details: ep 95 part II
Tags: pokemon, adventures, eevee2espeon, breeze
English? > Myspace
[00:00] Pokemon episode 95
Details: Orange Island episode 13
Tags: orange, island, Pokemon
Super Pokemon GX: Episode 95
Duration: 8 minutes 55 seconds
Likes: 0 Dislikes: 0
Details: Mario vs Wesley. Mario's next Pokemon League battle ia against Wesley.
Tags: Super, Pokemon, GX:, Episode, 95
5. Fuzzy Match > English > Youtube
Nbz Vs 2BeTheMan *His 400 Subs Battle* - Narrated Pokemon Battle #95
Duration: 8 minutes 7 seconds
Likes: 0 Dislikes: 0
Details: This was a cool match against Josh otherwise known as 2betheman on youtube. He is the founder of the youtube pokemon battling federation, essentially a collection of champions who you can challenge at different types of battles. Anyway this was for his 400 subs which is pretty cool, and i suggest you sub to him as he has some great battles. His Channel: www.youtube.com Youtube Pokemon Battle Federation: www.youtube.com
Tags: Nbz, 2betheman, youtube, pokemon, battle, federation, 400, subs, diamond, pearl, plat, HG, SS
Pokemon Platinum Walkthrough Part 95
Duration: 5 minutes 25 seconds
Likes: 0 Dislikes: 0
Details: Just a continuation of the last part and some Victory Road preparations. Nothing extremely important. Thank You and Enjoy Visit The SS Fan Forums where you can chat and have fun with other SS fans at... superskarmory.forumotion.net
Tags: Pokemon, Platinum, Diamond, Pearl, Walkthrough, Part, Dawn, Lucas, Rowan, Pokedex, Sunyshore, City, Volknor, Frogs, are, Master, Swordsmen
Pokemon Battle Revolution Wi-Fi Battle 95
Duration: 7 minutes 28 seconds
Likes: 0 Dislikes: 0
Details: I got lucky here is all that I can say. The paralysis actually ended up being an asset, it caused Milotic's Marvel Scale to activate and then paralysis didn't activate once. I used Milotic, Electivire and Zangoose My opponent used Blastoise, Luxray and Nidoking Music: Pokemon Colosseum - Cipher Peon Battle
Tags: PBR, Wi-Fi, online, battle, 95
Pokemon Platin German Walkthrough 95- Team Galaktik ist zurück
Duration: 10 minutes 53 seconds
Likes: 0 Dislikes: 0
Details: Hello guys and Pokemon fans! This is my narrated Pokemon Platinum Walkthrough played by me. If you have any questions you can ask me!
Tags: Pokemon, Platin, German, Walkthrough, Deutsch
Pokemon Blog 95: Quest for Mew (Part 9)
Duration: 9 minutes 5 seconds
Likes: 0 Dislikes: 0
Details: Day seven, Sunday 6/15/2008 Our Quest is over for now... Rate, Comment, Subscribe, tell your friends
Tags: Pokemon, Ranch, Mew, 1000, 999, day, one, monday, 2008, ds, diamond, pearl, wifi, wi-fi, connection, nintendo, my, wii, mii, wiiware, ware
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky Walkthrough Part 95:Mt. Travail and the Nightmare!
Duration: 10 minutes 59 seconds
Likes: 0 Dislikes: 0
Details: In this video Team Dino tries to find Drowzee to see if he can help Azurill! Thank you and enjoy.
Tags: pokemon, mystery, dungeon, explorers, of, sky, walkthrough, part, ninety, five
Pokemon Wifi Battle #95: DoctorKen2k vs. Da Prince
Duration: 5 minutes 11 seconds
Likes: 0 Dislikes: 0
Details: Rate and comment if you like. This is the second attempt of using this new double battle team of mine. Eventually, I will combine it with other teams, but until then, the are a team of its own. You might need your headphones for this one! LOL! Enjoy! Narration DoctorKen2k PS I have more videos to make, so everybody hold on, because they are coming slowly.
Tags: doctorken2k, Pokemon, Diamond, Pearl, Nintendo, DS, Double, Battle, Revolution, Wii, Breloom, Umbreon, Gengar, Marriland, Dragonite
Jtg's Pokemon Emerald Adventure-Part 95
Duration: 10 minutes 16 seconds
Likes: 0 Dislikes: 0
Details: How the hell this file got so small I don't know. But anyhow, it's 28mb! All the others are like 100-200mb. Oh well, I'm not complaining! XD So, we've got half-way through the Victory Road, now it's time to get out of here! NOTE: This is the same piece of recording as last part and as so, unfortunately, the music is still out of sync with the video :-( Enjoy! Filmed using SnapzPro X Played using VisualBoy Advance
Tags: Pokemon, Emerald, jtgmaster123, Ruby, Sapphire
Pokemon HG/SS Wi-Fi battle #95 (Mefestofelus VS. Scarpia31428) [2 OU/1 BL/3 NU]
Duration: 7 minutes 10 seconds
Likes: 0 Dislikes: 0
Details: Hey guys! Here i bring ua battle with one of my best friends from YouTube Daniel (aka GigaFreezr in the past, now he has a new YT account Scarpia31428). This is a weird battle with 3 OU, 1 BL, 3 NU. That was a pretty nice match i think, its all up 2 u 2 discuss it! Plz check his channel and subs 2 him, coz he deserves much more subscribers! www.youtube.com Song 1: Justin Timberlake - My love Song 2: Tila Tequila - I like to fuck Stay tuned for my Soul Silver Adventure! Anyway, favourite, comment and subscribe!
Tags: pokemon, black, white, platinum, diamond, pearl, heartgold, soulsilver, dp, dpp, hgss, bw, wifi, battle, 95, mefestofel, mefestofelus, rocket, game, corner, yt:Quality=High, yt:stretch=16:9, scrapia31428, danny, dykes, daniel, ou, bl, nu, roserade, empoleon, granbull, camerupt, hitmonchan, porygon-z, yanmega, kecleon, regice, seviper, suicune, heatran
Pokemon Crystal World Walkthrough Part 95 - Fuchsia Gym
Duration: 8 minutes 36 seconds
Likes: 0 Dislikes: 0
Details: In this part I'll battle trainers in Fuchsia Gym. It goes pretty well and I think that we're not losers after all (even if Blaine & Blue beat us easily). This is a hack which can be downloaded here: br.youtube.com Comment, rate and subscribe !!!
Tags: pokemon, crystal, world, walkthrough, fuchsia, gym
Pokemon Soul Silver Part 95- Route 11 Trainer Battles
Duration: 6 minutes 21 seconds
Likes: 0 Dislikes: 0
Details: ya i was bord so i desided to battle all the trainers on route 11 for experience
Tags: TGM27, thegamemaster27, pokemon, HG SS, heart gold, soul silver, play through
Pokemon D/P WiFi Battle #95 - VS Nicole
Duration: 10 minutes 26 seconds
Likes: 0 Dislikes: 0
Details: I found Nicole on the wifi chat, and I didn't even plan on battling her until she brought it up. This was a really good battle, and I practically died when I saw the Jumpluff. I thought I was screwed for sure. XD Yeah, you'll see lots of sticky notes being put in front of the screen in this battle, lol. Alright, GG nicole! Peace ~Sephiroth32194~ I take no credit for Pokemon or the music that I use. Songs: Soldiers of the Wasteland - Dragonforce Cut You Up With A Linoleum Knife - Mastodon
Tags: Pokemon, Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, D/P, wifi, Battle, Sephiroth32194, Nicole, SPP, Serebii, Chat, Room, Awesome, Jumpluff, Porygon-Z, advertising, commercials, video, game, tv, trailer, short, film, performing, arts, entertainment, news, web, series
Narrated Pokemon Platinum Battle # 95 Permafrost vs Xenon3120
Duration: 6 minutes 30 seconds
Likes: 0 Dislikes: 0
Details: This guy is amazing. You guys are already subbed to him. I'll just leave the link in the description just to humor him ;D www.youtube.com Anyway, Please Comment, Rate, Subscribe, and Enjoy.
Tags: pokemon, wifi, battle, diamond, pearl, platinum, heart, gold, soul, silver, mtgxerxes, nbz, thekillernacho, newpermafrost, jimmy31428, go, etc
Pokemon Platinum Adventures Part 95: Victory Road Pt.4
Duration: 10 minutes 16 seconds
Likes: 0 Dislikes: 0
Details: Welcome everyone to Part 95 of my Pokemon Platinum Adventures. In this episode: Are we there yet?... Hope you enjoy it and remember to stay tuned for more videos :D
Tags: Pokemon, Platinum, Walkthrough, Adventures, Part, 95, Victory, Road, Pt.4
Pokemon SoulSilver walkthrough (with commentary) Part 95: -SIDEQUEST- Lance and Clair at once!
Duration: 11 minutes 0 seconds
Likes: 0 Dislikes: 0
Details: That's right, in this game, you can team up with your rival and battle Lance and Clair in a double battle! Man, the two of them got tough!
Tags: Pokemon, soulsilver, walkthrough, Yoshiller
Lets Play Pokemon Quartz 95: Elite Four Perica (Part 1)
Duration: 11 minutes 0 seconds
Likes: 0 Dislikes: 0
Details: Part 2 will be up shortly. Watch the video for more info.
Tags: pokemon, quartz, hack, ruby, nintendo, baro, game, boy, advance, visual, camtasia, studio, camstudio
Pokemon Trading Card Game Part 95 - Challenge Machine Pt 5
Duration: 9 minutes 45 seconds
Likes: 0 Dislikes: 0
Details: So far so good.
Tags: Pokemon, Trading, Card, Game, Part, 95, Challenge, Machine, Pt, 5
Pokemon Wi-Fi Battle #95 LucaRiolu493 vs. DeVoLHeX [Roullette]
Duration: 6 minutes 31 seconds
Likes: 0 Dislikes: 0
Details: Hi everyone, it's me again... who else would it be anyway :S here is a standard roullette against DeVoLHeX, also known as Sam. It was a roullette and I guess the numbers were unfair on him, typewise. He wanted to standard me as well afterwards, so look forward to that appearing on my channel soon. **UPDATES** subscribe to my opponent he is prooooo **LINKS** Check out my opponent: www.youtube.com/user/DeVoLHeX **CREDITS** Music Used: LP - New Divide, some other song ... i think I DONOT OWN SOME OF THE MUSIC USED IN THIS VIDEO Free intro and outro templates from SonyVegasPro1 Rate comment subscribe and ENJOY. HOW TO CONTACT/CHALLENGE ME - You can pm me, titled battle, and I will mostly accept unless I am busy - you can add me on skype, under the name LucaRiolu493 - you can add me on msn. If you would like my msn then pm me.
Tags: Pokemon, Wi-Fi, Battle, #95, lucariolu493, vs., devolhex, Sam, narrated, platinum, heartgold, soulsilver, Xat, Hangout, HD, high, Quality, definition, def
Pokemon Platinum part 95 Going to the Spear Pillar part 2
Duration: 10 minutes 51 seconds
Likes: 0 Dislikes: 0
Details: we head on through the most epic dungeon ever
Tags: pocket, monsters, pokemon, platinum, pearl, diamond, part, 95, going, to, the, spear, pillar, 1/2
Pokemon Gold Walkthrough Part 95: Routes 12, 13, 14, and 15
Duration: 6 minutes 18 seconds
Likes: 0 Dislikes: 0
Details: This is Part 95 of my Pokemon Gold Walkthrough. In this episode I: Finally got to the end of the stupid routes. Flew to Saffron I DO NOT OWN POKEMON!!! IT IS OWNED BY NINTENDO AND GAME FREAK!!
Tags: pokemon, gold, walkthrough, part, jab0309
Pokemon- Platinum - Walkthrough - Part 95: Galactic Warehouse
Duration: 9 minutes 32 seconds
Likes: 0 Dislikes: 0
Details: Hi and welcome to my 95th part of my pokemon platinum walkthrough. In this part we head to the galactic warehouse lots of grunts here. i know for a few seconds a virus scan came up lol it was only a second but didnt really see much anyway. Rate Subscribe
Tags: pokemon, platinum, walkthrough, part, 95, nds, ds, nintendo, galactic, warehouse
Let's Play: Pokemon Crystal - Part 95 - Fast Balls Suck, and Suicune
Duration: 6 minutes 45 seconds
Likes: 0 Dislikes: 0
Details: We catch Suicune, then the next part I upload, I'll have the pokemon leveled up to fight "Red" in Mt. Silver, then thats the end of the game.
Tags: lp, lets, play, pokemon, crystal, gold, silver, part, gym, badges, glitch, kanto, wild, ratata, pidgey, earthbadge, blue, red, fast, balls, suck, hey, look, rioku, wait, cant, catch, him
Pokemon Liquid Crystal walkthrough part 95 Epic Battle vs Red!
Duration: 6 minutes 17 seconds
Likes: 0 Dislikes: 0
Details: Epic Battle vs Red! He has a pikachu that knows thunder bolt, agilty, thunder and quick attack. Espeon with psychic, reflect,morning sun and psybeaml. Snorlax with hyper beam, rollout,covet,block. Venesaur with solarbeam,growth,synthesis and probaly sunny day. Charizard with fire spin, wing atttack, dragon rage, and slash and blastoise with rain dance, hydropump,skull bash and protect. Kick his ass to be the real champion!
Tags: Pokemon, Liquid, Crystal, walkthrough, part, 95, Epic, Battle, vs, Red!
Pokemon Perfect Platin Walkthrough 95 - Plan B: Der verirrten Dame helfen!
Duration: 10 minutes 56 seconds
Likes: 0 Dislikes: 0
Details: Sooo, hier nun mein neues Projekt! Es handelt sich um: Pokemon Perfect Platin! Eine Patch-version für Platin, welche es uns ermöglicht alle 493 Pokemon von Anfang an zu fangen! Download? Müsst ihr schon selber suchen ;) Dieses Mal: - Da das mit den Lags einfach nicht besser werden will, hab ich mir schnell was neues einfallen lassen: Wir helfen der netten Dame in der Siegesstraße wieder rauszukommen! Immer noch sorry, doch hier sind die lags ziemlich selten! ;) Have fun with part 95 ;)
Tags: pokemon, perfect, platin, patinum, walkthrough, andagalant, us, german, deutsch, englisch, version, edition, diesel, muffin, affe, mew, celebi, herzhofen, magneton, magnezone, zone, trostu, bloody, trainer, ruinen, schleiede, regen, porygon, kaufhaus, geschenke, geld, money, kröten, essen, spielen, kampf, arena, casion, münzen, korb, ruhe, turm, doppel, weide, burg, spezial, special, guest, rivale, groudon, legends, legendary, legendär, geist, ghost, giratina
English? > MegaVideo
Pokemon Heart Gold Walkthrough 95 - Gym Leader Morty Rematch
Duration: 5 minutes 44 seconds
Likes: 0 Dislikes: 0
Details: Morty Doesn't Stand a Chance Against My Team! Referral Links To Buy Games From Play Asia: Pokemon Heart Gold: www.play-asia.com Pokemon Soul Silver: www.play-asia.com
Tags: Pokemon, Heart, Gold, Soul, Silver, Walkthrough, Gym, Leader, Morty, Rematch
Pokemon Crystal Part 95 - Medude Returns?
Duration: 9 minutes 55 seconds
Likes: 0 Dislikes: 0
Details: In this part, we finally shove it through Medude's skull that, HE FAILS AT POGEMANZ! Check out my Blog for Updates and weekly Uploading Schedules! bl00dybizkitz.blogspot.com Don't forget to Comment, Rate, and Subscribe!
Tags: pokemon, crystal, walkthrough, playthrough, kanto, lp, lets, let's, play, rival, battle, clefairy, cave, dance, moon, stone, pewter, city
Pokemon XD Walkthrough Part 95 - Mt. Battle Part 20
Duration: 10 minutes 44 seconds
Likes: 0 Dislikes: 0
Details: Mt. Battle Area 8 Part 4. Mt. Battle Area 9 Part 1.
Tags: Pokemon, XD, Walkthrough, Part, 95
Lets Play Pokemon Soul Silver Blind 95
Duration: 11 minutes 0 seconds
Likes: 0 Dislikes: 0
Details: Top 4 Part 1
Tags: Pokemon, Soul, Silver, Blind, 95, Liga, Top, Kampf
Pokemon Diamond Adventure part 95 Elite four Flint (with special guest mr. pen?)
Duration: 10 minutes 49 seconds
Likes: 0 Dislikes: 0
Details: In this episode I fight Flint. Rapidash ♂ Lv.58 Fire Held item: None Ability: Run Away Moves Sunny Day Fire Status Flare Blitz Fire Physical SolarBeam Grass Special Bounce Flying Physical Drifblim ♂ Lv.58 Ghost Flying Held item: None Ability: Aftermath Moves Double Team Normal Status Baton Pass Normal Status Ominous Wind Ghost Special Will-O-Wisp Fire Status Steelix ♂ Lv.57 Steel Ground Held item: None Ability: Rock Head Moves Rock Tomb Rock Physical Sunny Day Fire Status Fire Fang Fire Physical Lopunny ♂ Lv.57 Normal Held item: None Ability: Cute Charm Moves Charm Normal Status Mirror Coat Psychic Special Sunny Day Fire Status Fire Punch Fire Physical Screech Normal Status Infernape Lv.61 Fire Fighting Held item: Sitrus Berry Ability: Blaze Moves Flare Blitz Fire Physical ThunderPunch Electric Physical Earthquake Ground Physical Mach Punch Fighting Physical
Tags: Pokemon, Diamond, Adventure, part, 94, Elite, four, Flint, (with, special, guest, mr., pen?), Jagger, Infernape, Tea, Spoon, Alakazam, Dark, Knight, Murkrow, Aqua, Jet, Floatzel, Shark, Bait, Garchomp
Spanish > Tu.tv
Pokemon Wi-Fi Match 95 - Oh Gravity!
Duration: 5 minutes 10 seconds
Likes: 0 Dislikes: 0
Details: I reveal my latest gravity team...
Tags: Gigatitan, Gravity, Wifi, DS, Pokemon, Battle, Match, Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Wii
Pokemon Battle Revolution Random Wifi #95
Duration: 5 minutes 13 seconds
Likes: 0 Dislikes: 0
Details: I almost hit 100 videos :D wohooo Anyway i decided to put this up right after 94 because i went back to my platinum save to use my main team and I run into Tay again. Enjoy this battle ^_^
Tags: PBR, Pokemon, Battle, Revolution, Random, Wifi, 95, Pamizard
Pokemon Manga 95 Español
Duration: 9 minutes 11 seconds
Likes: 0 Dislikes: 0
Details: Pokemon Special Adventure (Tomo 8) CAPITULO 5 Pokemon Special Adventure (Tomo 8) CAPITULO 5 Pokemon Special Adventure (Tomo 8) CAPITULO 5 Pokemon Special Adventure (Tomo 8) CAPITULO 5 Pokemon Special Adventure (Tomo 8) CAPITULO 5
Tags: Pokemon Manga 95 Español, Gold, Silver, Crystal, Pokemon Special
Pokemon Heart Gold (95) - Route 3 und der Rivale
Duration: 10 minutes 41 seconds
Likes: 0 Dislikes: 0
Details: In diesem Teil gehe ich über die Route 3 zum Mondberg und treffe dort auf meinen Rivalen.
Tags: pokemon, heart, gold, soulo, silver, herzgold, seelensilber, deutsch, german, japan, japanisch, japanese, platin, platinum, walkthrough
Pokemon Platino 95- Evento Shaymin
Duration: 10 minutes 48 seconds
Likes: 0 Dislikes: 0
Details: le acorte algunas cosas porque el camino es largo y lleno de rivales que el tiempo no me dava para vencerlos bueno adios
Tags: Pokemon, Platino, 95-, Evento, Shaymin
Lets Play POKEMON PLATIN [Teil 95] German/Blind - Zapdos
Duration: 10 minutes 10 seconds
Likes: 0 Dislikes: 0
Details: Wir versuchen es wieder mit Zapdos ... WIRD ES DER MEISTER ES DIESMAL SCHAFFEN!? WIRD ER??
Tags: yoshi, lemon, games, walkthrough, playthrough, gameplay, speedrun, Deutsch, Giratina, HD, Legendär, Girantina
Pokemon Platinum Walkthrough W/Commentary P95/Route 223 part 1
Duration: 10 minutes 1 seconds
Likes: 0 Dislikes: 0
Details: Part 95
Tags: Pokemon, Platinum, Walkthrough, Route, 223, part
Guia Pokemon Platino - 95.- Batalla predestinada ¡ VS Rival!
Duration: 8 minutes 34 seconds
Likes: 0 Dislikes: 0
Details: Pokemon de Rival : Staraptor lv 48 Floatzel lv 47 (Ausente si tiene a Empoleon) Rapidash lv 47 (Ausente si tiene a Infernape) Roserade lv 47 (Ausente si tiene a Torterra) Heracross lv 49 Snorlax lv 50 Pokemon Inicial lv 51
Tags: pokemon, platino, 95, master, nintendo, ds, no$gba, emulador
German > Youtube
Pokemon Soul Silver Walkthrough Part 95 - Kurzer Aufenthalt in Alabastia
Duration: 10 minutes 45 seconds
Likes: 0 Dislikes: 0
Details: Das hier ist mein Walkthrough bzw. Let's Play von Pokemon Soul Silver/Seelen Silber auf deutsch (german). Ich werde die ganze Story durchspielen und dabei auch einige Events machen ;) Wir flitzen nur kurz durch Alabastia durch und machen uns gleich auf den Weg zur Zinoberinsel.
Tags: Pokemon, Soul, Silver, Seelen, Silber, Walkthrough, Let's, Play, German, Deutsch, Heart, Gold, Herz
Parody > Youtube
Pokemon Wi-Fi Battle #95 (PulseEffects v Uberall) (10000 Profile Views) (Edgar Clause)
Duration: 5 minutes 4 seconds
Likes: 0 Dislikes: 0
Details: Thank you all for the channel views i appreciate it and thank you Uberall for Volunteering to do this with me anyways here is the picture if you would like to view it. img133.imageshack.us www.youtube.com Here is my 2nd account where i will soon be Posting Playthroughs or Pokemon Soul Silver Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness and a few Halo 3 Clips and Maybe a Montage so Go Check it Out! masterc.animutationportal.com Midnight Moon Chat Room masterc.animutationportal.com MidnightMoon Forums Go check out Midnight Moon its a Great Community full of really Great Battlers so if your looking for a Battle and want a Challenge then come Check Out Midnight Moon or if your looking to Challenge a League or Looking for some Non Smogon Sets then Join Midnight Moon Today! You Wont Regret It! Rate Comment Subscribe! Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.
Tags: pusleeffects, WI-Fi, Battles, Battle, wifi, Pulse, Effects, Effect, pulseeffect, Uberall, 10000, Edgar, Clause, Yanmega, Charizard, Lucario, Electivire, Porygon-z, Porygon, Azumaril, Machamp, Togekiss, Umbreon, Manaphy

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