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Once you see this one checkout Pokemon episode 482.

Season Any > 1. Complete > English? > MegaVideo
[21:06] pokemon - episodio 481
Details: Nasce um Staravia!
French > MegaVideo
[20:36] pokemon 481 vf
Details: pokemon dp 014
3. Short > English > Myspace
[00:00] Pokemon Episode 481 Diamond and...
Details: Episode 15 Of Diamond and Pearl
Tags: and, Pearl, EP, episode, DIamond
English? > Myspace
[00:00] Pokemon episode 481
Details: Diamond and Pearl episode 14
Tags: and, Pearl, DIamond, Pokemon
5. Fuzzy Match > English > Youtube
Pokemon Platinum: How to catch #481 Mesprit
Duration: 10 minutes 14 seconds
Likes: 0 Dislikes: 0
Details: We try to catch the more balanced of the Lake Trio with, you guessed it, pokeballs.
Tags: pokemon, platinum, catching, azelf, uxie, mesprit, dialga, palkia, giratina, heatran, Zapdos, moltres, articuno, catch, diamond, pearl, legendary, pokeball, pokeballs, how, to

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