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Once you see this one checkout Pokemon episode 360.

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[21:41] Pokemon 359
Details: Unfair Weather Friends
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[00:00] Pokemon episode 359
Details: advanced challenges episode 43
Tags: Pokemon, challenges, Advanced
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Pokemon Blog 359: MasterQuest (Part 61)
Duration: 9 minutes 27 seconds
Likes: 0 Dislikes: 0
Details: This All Took Place In Summer 2009 Zelgerath has been staying at Josh's House Trying To Fill Nick's "Mr.Wii" Ranch With 1000 Magikarps (A Later Video Will Elaborate on this) Josh, Bryan, And Zelgerath Try To Uncover The Mystery Of "The Stone Circle"
Tags: pokemon, the, speed, gamers, thespeedgamers, arceus, event, johto, shinto, sinjoh, ruin, ruins, palkia, dialga, giratina

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