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[23:10] Pokemon episode 340
Details: advanced challenges episode 24
Tags: Pokemon, challenges, Advanced
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[23:09] Pokemon 340
Details: Pokemon 340
3. Short > Spanish > Youtube
Super Pokemon GX: Episode 340
Duration: 11 minutes 0 seconds
Likes: 0 Dislikes: 0
Details: Cyrus' Return from a Different Dimension. Cyrus becomes a dark trainer.
Tags: super, pokemon, gx, episode, 340, cyrus, return, from, different, dimension, season, 13, thirteen, light, platinum, ruby, destiny, hack, rom, mario, mega, master, supermariomegamaster
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Pokemon Blog 340: MasterQuest (Part 42)
Duration: 8 minutes 48 seconds
Likes: 0 Dislikes: 0
Details: Zelgerath goes to Realgam Tower to supposedly have fun, when he finds out that he's been tricked into leaving Phenac City by Team Cipher. Investigating Phenac City, Zelgerath Corners Admin Snattle in Phenac Colosseum as ONBS makes "Pokemon Related Videos" For Great Justice! Admin Snattle Challenges Zelgerath
Tags: pokemon, xd, gale, of, darkness, shadow, lugia, xd001, xd002, gotta, save, em, all, purify, chamber, orre, region
English? > Youtube
Pokemon DPP GB #340: vs fitz
Duration: 6 minutes 14 seconds
Likes: 0 Dislikes: 0
Details: An ok match. Fitz gets some really unfortunate hax but I'm still able to win. He makes some key mistakes.
Tags: Pokemon, DPP, WIFI, OU, Gamebattles, jaxxbaxraxor

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