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Once you see this one checkout Digimon episode 112.

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digimon battle spirit!!111
Duration: 5 minutes 58 seconds
Likes: 0 Dislikes: 0
Details: Ah blue ballls
Tags: digimon, furrgroup, someguy, penguinmaster7
English? > Youtube
Let's Play: Digimon World 3 Part 111
Duration: 9 minutes 16 seconds
Likes: 0 Dislikes: 0
Details: Epic weapons are epic. Sort of.
Tags: Let's, Play, Digimon, World, Three, Renamon, Monmom, Agumon, Veemon, Guilmon, Kotemon, Kumamon, Patamon, Junior, Ivy, Kail, Teddy, MMORPG

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