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Season Any > 5. Fuzzy Match > English > Youtube
Let's Play Blood Bowl (part 74)
Duration: 7 minutes 51 seconds
Likes: 0 Dislikes: 0
Details: Let's just see how many touchdowns we can get before the end.
Tags: Let's Play, Blood Bowl, Fail, Dice, Football, Warhammer
English? > Youtube
Zagrajmy w Blood Omen #74 Grande finale cz. 1
Duration: 6 minutes 18 seconds
Likes: 0 Dislikes: 0
Details: W tej części obejrzymy dwa zakończenia Blood Omen i posłuchacie mojej opinii.
Tags: zagrajmy, blood, omen, legacy, of, kain, pillars, nosgoth, malak, sarafan, order, krew, wampir, oracle, ariel, vorador, mgła, mist, form, dom, pułapki, strzały, kule, ognia, cienie, szkielety, zombie, lisze, wyssanie, krwi, kotrola, umysłu, ognisty, miecz, dwór, mansion, dark, eden, mroczny, de, joule, bane, pancerz, flesh, armour, avernus, katedra, demony, soul, reaver, azimuth, willedorf, nemesis, ottmar, elzevir, dollmaker, nemezis
Season 3 > 3. Short > English > Youtube
Blood Lust (Jemi forbiden love)Episode 74 Season 3
Duration: 8 minutes 20 seconds
Likes: 0 Dislikes: 0
Details: (Demi's POV) I stood there for a couple of long minutes. Staring at him. My eyes gushing out tears. What's the point in breaking up with Daren if the person I love will leave me again? I don't want to risk the last pieces of my heart I have left... He kept his eyes on the floor, I can see the tears falling down, to the floor. I have never seen him cry, and its the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, though I wish I wasn't the one causing him to cry. "Aren't you going to say something?" I squeak through a sob. "Dems... I... I.." He didn't finish, looking away. "I get it Joe.. Tell me your answer when you finally understand me.." I said and walked around him. I half ran down the hallway to the stairs. I walked casiously down them and briskly walked out. Once outside I ran. As fast as my weak legs could carry me. When I walked onto my yard I instantly stop. Sitting on the porch stairs was Daren. He stood up slowly noticing me crying. "Demi?" He asked worried. "...Hi.." I feigned a smile. He walked to me and cupped my face. "What's wrong? Why're you crying?" "I... Was at the... park.. I.." A sob broke through mid-sentence. His eyes widened alittle. "Was the fight with your mom that bad?" "N-no... I missed him..." I lie. His eyes grew sympathetic. His arms surrounded me. "Even if he doesn't speak to you, I know he's still taking care of you.. You shouldn't cry, you'll make him feel bad." I hug him back.. Crying I say. "You're such a dork..." He chuckles. "I'm your dork." He ...
Tags: Jemi, onetruemedia

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